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Medicus RX Solutions

Medicus RX Solutions provides medical billing recovery services for medical clinics and hospitals seeking to improve the cash flow cycle on earned but unrealized revenue for services provided. Unrealized revenue on medical services provided continues to be a significant business challenge for medical service providers of all shapes and sizes. The current economics of the healthcare industry are defined by a combination of increasing costs and decreasing reimbursement rates. In this economic environment delivering quality healthcare services to patients at a profit is a considerable business challenge for small and large providers. Our medical billing recovery services utilizes best in class software to optimize recovery rates for services rendered. The software is a turn-key solution that requires no technology upgrade by the provider and is designed to integrate seamlessly with the providers current billing system. Continue reading to learn how Medicus RX Solutions medical billing recovery services helps providers meet the significant billing challenges in today’s complicated medical billing environment. Or you can contact us here and a sales representative will answer any questions you have.

Medical Billing Revenue Cycle Analytics

Our medical billing revenue cycle analytics package leverages business intelligence and the newest IT infrastructure to shorten the cash flow cycle for medical service providers. Our system delivers healthcare providers with real time actionable intelligence based on a history of reported data across all of our providers. Our system reaches deep inside the revenue cycle and aggregates payer remittances, collections activity, data from accounting and additional third party sources in order to provide staff members with decision rules that shorten the cash flow cycle and maximize realized per patient revenue. The benefits of deploying out revenue cycle analytics package for healthcare providers include:

  • Improvement In Overall Financial Performance
  • Reduction In Both Clinical and Financial Risks
  • Reduction In Administration Inefficiencies
  • Enhanced Control Over Accounts Receivables
  • Enhanced Collection Of Unpaid Claims
  • Improved Financial Health Leading to Increases In Quality of Care

Medicus RX Solutions Medical Billing Recovery

Medicus RX Solutions partners with one of the premier medical billing technology companies in the United States to provide the latest in software and billing expertise in order to maximize per patient revenue on medical care provided. As reimbursement rates for care provided continue to come under pressure, maximizing revenue on healthcare services is a priority for healthcare providers of all sizes. Our best in class software integrates with all modern billing software and IT resources. If you are interested in learning more you can contact us here and a company representative will get back with you.

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