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Medicus RX Solutions offers an in-office genetic testing program for physicians seeking to provide personalized treatment programs for patients who require medication management.  Our genetic testing suite provide a valuable clinical tool for physicians seeking to leverage modern medical science to safely and efficiently collect the necessary data to develop personalized medication treatments based on the patients unique DNA profile.  For Physicians, effectively managing a patients pain is a serious clinical challenge made all the more difficult by the serious problems associated with oral analgesics often prescribed for patients experiencing chronic or acute pain.

Our In-office genetic testing program for pain patients allows physicians to quantify the genetic risk of narcotic drug addiction, and any identify any genetic genetic predisposition to poorly metabolize common oral analgesics.  This data allows the treating physician to make more informed decisions regarding the proper pain treatment, and prescribe an individualized treatment plan given the genetic makeup of the patient in question.  Medical science and genetic research have made great breakthroughs in identifying both the genetic risks of narcotic drug addiction, and a genetic predisposition to poorly metabolize a wide range of oral analgesics.  Continue reading to learn how out in office genetic testing program can help you improve patient outcomes, increase per patient revenue and help educate the patient pool about their genetic risks to narcotic drug addiction.

Some facts about Narcotic Risk Addiction and Genetics

  • Three times as many people have addiction problems or die from prescription pain medications than all illegal drugs combined
  • NIDA and ASAM report that up to 60% of all substance abuse is linked to genetic predisposition
  • The American Pain Society reports that a Physician’s ability to accurately predict which patients will become addicted to narcotic pain medications does not exceed 50/50, or no better than a coin flip
  • ACOEM suggested guidelines indicate that genetics are the first of three critical risk factors that should be screened for if the patient is a candidate for opioid therapy to treat chronic pain.

Genetic Test for Narcotic Risk

  • The narcotic risk test yields a 74.4% PPV versus 41% for genetic tests for cholesterol.
  • The narcotic risk test identifies the chemical imbalance related to addiction predisposition by measuring the 12 genes in the Mesolimbic brain chemistry

Genetic Test for Drug Metabolism

  • 80% of all medications are metabolized in the liver
  • 50% of all patients experience impaired liver metabolism of opiates due to genetic factors
  • The drug metabolism test consists of 64 separate genetic assessments of the liver

Personalized Treatment with Genetic Testing at the Point of Care

Our point of care genetic testing program provides Physicians with the data necessary to provide personalized medication treatment plans for patients under their care.  In-office genetic testing provides a valuable clinical tool for physicians seeking to high levels of personalized medicine when prescribing medication.  If you are interested in hearing more about how genetic testing can improve patient care and increase per patient revenue, you can contact us here and a member of our sales and business development team will contact you as soon as possible.

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