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Medicus RX Solutions provides a turn key solution for in-office Physician dispensing in the state of Alabama.  Clinics seeking to dispense medication at the point of care in the state will find our suite of Physician dispensing options efficient and profitable.  As a company we provide best in class expertise, web based dispensing software and multiple packager relationships to assist Alabama physicians to dispense medication at the point of care.  Alabama clinics that dispense medication at the point of care report increased revenue, improved patient compliance and high levels of patient satisfaction due to the convenience the service provides.  You can learn more about how the Medicus RX Solutions in-office dispensing system can assist your clinic in providing highly personalized care through at the link.  Or continue reading and learn about how we can assist your Alabama clinic efficiently dispense medication at the point of care.

Advantages to Physician Dispensing in Alabama

The advantages to Physician dispensing of medication in Alabama are numerous and include: increased per patient revenue, enhanced Doctor control and increases in patient compliance with treatment plans. Many health care professionals are familiar with both the practice of oral medication dispensing and its advantages.  However many Physicians are unaware that in the state of Alabama a dispensing Physician are allowed to dispense both injections and custom compound topical creams in-office.  Our best in class dispensing software makes complying with Alabama dispensing rules easy for your staff to manage while tracking all purchasing and inventory. Clinics that dispense medication in the state report high levels of patient satisfaction with the ability to fill prescriptions right in the office. You can get a rough estimate of the increases in per patient revenue from dispensing oral medication, custom compound topical creams and injection kits at this link to our clinic revenue calculator.  If you are interested in learning more about Physician Compounding of custom topical creams or dispensing billable injection kits,  follow the links.  Or continue reading and learn more about the advantages to Physician dispensing in the state of Alabama.

Alabama In-Office Physician Dispensing Regulations

The regulations for in-office Physician dispensing in Alabama are relatively straightforward and the staff at Medicus RX Solutions will assist in any paperwork or staff questions to ensure comfort and compliance.  In the state of Alabama Physicians are required to register with state as a ‘Dispensing Physician” before dispensing medications in-office.  The Dispensing Physician license registration fee is $100 with a yearly $100 renewal fee.  In addition the state will perform a yearly inspection of the practice to ensure compliance.  The registration fee gives a Physician who is authorized to prescribe medications in the state to dispense those medications during the normal course of practicing medicine.  You can learn more details about the rules for in-office medication dispensing in Alabama by visiting the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners dispensing Physicians link provided, or download the  Alabama dispensing Physician form at this link.  If you have any questions about the regulations for in-office dispensing in the state of Alabama you can contact us at the link and one of our representatives will contact you with the answer.

Revenue Potential For Physician Dispensing in Alabama

Our turn key in-office Physician dispensing represents a low cost and efficient strategy for increasing per patient revenue on the existing patient base for Alabama Physicians that deploy our system.  Clinics seeking to increase potential revenue in the state via oral medication dispensing have the option of deploying either our workers compensation program or our cash and carry program.

Physician Dispensing Reimbursement in Alabama for Workers Compensation Patients

Alabama clinics that dispense medication at the point of care to workers compensation patients are reimbursed based on the workers compensation average wholesale price (AWP) for that medication plus 5%of AWP plus a dispensing fee of $11.28 for each script filled.  Clinics that engage in Physician dispensing for workers compensation patients report increase in per patient revenue and high patient satisfaction.  Our proprietary dispensing software makes real time adjudication of workers compensation claims and billing an easy process for staff.  For more detailed information on how Medicus RX can help your clinic dispense medications to workers compensation patients in the state you can contact us at the link and we will answer any questions.

Cash and Carry Physician Dispensing in Alabama

When Alabama clinics clinics dispense medication at the point of care to non-workers compensation patients, we recommend the clinic charge a cash copay to the patient upon dispensing of oral medication,  Patients appreciate the convenience and the personalized nature of the care provided by dispensing physicians who utilize our cash and carry program.  Our proprietary web based in-office dispensing software makes tracking and reporting cash purchases simple for staff members to perform during checkout.

Advantages to In-Office Physician Dispensing in Alabama with Medicus RX Solutions

Medicus RX Solutions has been assisting Alabama Physicians implement safe,compliant, efficient and profitable in-office Physician dispensing systems for over ten years.  Whether you are utilizing our workers compensation program or our cash and carry program, our proprietary web based software system will make everything from ordering your oral medications to billing workers compensation efficient and profitable.

In Alabama a dispensing Physician can combine our proprietary web based dispensing software, expertise and Topical Med Kits to dispense and bill custom compound creams and injections in-office.  You can learn more about in-office Physician compounding and billing in Alabama and how the practice is fast becoming the new standard of personalized care at the link.  In addition,  Physicians who dispense our billable injection kits in the state of Alabama report substantial benefits.  All pre packaged injection kits are labeled with NDC numbers and combine with our dispensing system to maximize reimbursement and per patient revenue.  You can learn more about dispensing and billing for injection kits at the link provided. If you are interested in learning more about in-office Physician dispensing you can follow the link to our main dispensing page or contact us and a member of our staff will guide you through the process.


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