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Our In-office Physician dispensing software provides a turn-key solution for clinics seeking to dispense medication at the point of care.  Our proprietary web based dispensing software makes dispensing medication at the point of care quick and easy for staff.  The platform is one of the most widely deployed in the country and is currently utilized by over 12,000 clinics.  In-office Physician dispensing is proven method for clinics to increase per patient revenue, improve patient compliance and provide quality service to patients.  Whether your medical practice is seeking to dispense at the point of care for workers compensation patients or cash and carry patients, our simple to use Physician dispensing software will prove an asset to your medical practice.

The practice of Physician dispensing has been prevalent in the medical community for some time now.  Although most Physicians are familiar with dispensing medication in tablet form, the Medicus RX Solutions Physician dispensing software system also serves as the main platform for dispensing of Topical Compound Creams and billable injection kits.  Our web based software serves as a platform for ordering, dispensing, and billing for Physicians who are interested in dispensing our products.  Continue reading and learn how our web based dispensing software can assist your clinic, or contact us here and a representative will get back with you promptly.


Physician Dispensing Software Specifications and Options

Our Physician Dispensing software has a wide suite of options designed for efficient integration with existing clinic platforms and ease of use by staff.  The following is a non-exhaustive list of the specifications and options included in our dispensing software package.

  • Secure Web-based Application
  • SureScripts® Certified (ePrescribing from EMR’s)
  • NCPDP Claim Adjudication Capability
  • Automated state PDMP(Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, if required by state) Reporting
  • Integrated Drug Pedigrees from Multiple Repackagers
  • Multiple Browser Support, Including Safari for iPad
  • Medication Sample Tracking for JAHCO Facilities
  • Ability to Print Drug Information Sheets and FDA Medication Guides
  • Ability to Support Multiple Label Formats(Large Format and Dymo)
  • Dispense from Bulk Capability (Including Pre-counts/Staging)
  • Ability to Provide a Branded Application (Colors/Logos)
  • Ability to Import Patient Data from Legacy Systems
  • Customizable User Security Settings
  • Ability to Use Multiple suppliers Concurrently
  • Integrated UDT (Urine Drug Testing) Application
  • IP Restriction Ability by User/Location
  • Login Failure Controls / Turing Images Unsure
  • Integrated Help Desk – Support Ticket Tracking
  • Customizable Input Fields (Including Required Fields)

Web Based Software for Dispensing and Billing Oral Medication

Our web based software for dispensing and billing oral medication is used across the country by clinics providing in-office Physician dispensing services to patients. The system is designed to handle both cash and carry patients and workers compensation patients and integrates with all major EMR systems.  In addition, our web-based software allows for direct billing of workers compensation patients, speeding up the cash flow cycle and minimizing staff time.  If you are interested in learning more about our in-office Physician dispensing program, click the link.  Or you can contact us here and a Medicus RX Solutions representative will get back with you.

Web Based Software for Dispensing and Billing Topical Compound Creams

Our Web based software for dispensing and billing topical compound creams is a crucial compoonent of our in-office Physician compounding program.  Our proprietary software combined with our Topical Med kits allows for seemeless inoffice custom compounding and dispensing of topical creams. Whether you are a Physician seeking an alternative to oral analgsics or simply seeking to engage in Physician compounding in-office, our siftware will make dispensing and billing topical creams simple and profitable.  If you are interested in learning more about in-office Physician compounding click the link.  or you can contact us here and a Medicus RX Solutions repesentative will contact you.

Web based Software for Dispensing and Billing Injection Kits

Our proprietary web based software for dispensing and Billing inection kits is a fantastic way for clinics to inecease their per patient revenue on their existing patient pool.  We combine our dispensing software, billing knowledge and injection kit system to deliver a total turn key solution for clinics seeking the conveience and increases in per patient revenue associated with dispensing injections in-office.  If you are interested in learning more about how our proprietary dispensing software can help you dispense and bill for injections in-office, contact us here and a Medicus RX Solutions representative will contact you.

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