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The Medicus RX Solutions in-office Physician dispensing system offers a turn-key solution for Physicians who choose to dispense medication at the point of care.  Physicians choose to dispense medication in-office for a wide variety of reasons including increased patient compliance with treatment plans, enhanced patient service and increased per patient revenue.  Moreover, Physician dispensing is often part of a broader effort to provide more personalized care in their medical practice.

Our physician dispensing system combines state of the art web based software and lowest cost pricing on medication via multiple packagers in order to maximize the financial benefits to the medical practice while increasing the quality of care for patients and minimizing the time staff needs to implement the program.  Medicus Rx Solutions prides itself on operating as an aggressive clinic advocate providing sourcing from multiple packagers, empowering clinics with the ability choose packagers based on price point without having to change the entire system.

Physicians who engage in our point of care medication dispensing program report a wide variety of positive benefits including: increased patient satisfaction and convenience, increase patient compliance, decrease in staff time spent on pharmacy calls and of course a new profit center for the medical practice.  Our system makes physician dispensing simple and efficient for both cash and workers compensation patients. Continue reading to learn how our system enables medical clinics dispense at the point of care.  Or you can contact us here and a member of our sales and business development team with get back to you.

The Benefits of Physician Dispensing at the Point of Care

  • Minimal up-front investment cost
  • Minimal labor costs to implement
  • Increased patient satisfaction and convenience
  • Increased patient compliance leading to improved outcomes
  • Decreased staff time spent on the phone with pharmacies
  • Increased per patient revenue

The Medicus RX In-Office Physician Dispensing Program

  1. Web Based Software for ordering, labeling, tracking and billing for workers compensation
  2. Separate module for billing and reconciliation optional
  3. Multiple packager relationships to ensure best pricing and or formulary flexibility
  4. Ongoing technical training and support
  5. Licensing and credentialing if necessary
  6. Ongoing regulatory guidance and support

Workers Compensation Physician Dispensing Program.

Our Workers compensation point of care dispensing program is a low cost solution for physicians seeking to increase both levels of service and per patient revenue in the their work comp patient base.  Our proprietary dispensing software provides both real time adjudication for workers compensation claims along with ease of billing and dispensing.  Medical clinics that have installed our system report high levels of patient satisfaction, positive per patient ROI, and minimal staff disruption after implementation.   

Cash and Carry Program Physician Dispensing Program

Our cash and carry point of care dispensing program is deigned to be implemented alongside the workers compensation program or on its own depending on the clinics patient mix. The cash and carry program enables non workers comp patients the option of filling their prescription in-office and paying cash/copay for the convenience. Clinics who give patients this option report high levels of patient satisfaction and increased patient compliance.  Our proprietary dispensing software make labeling, tracking, ordering and dispensing simple and hassle free ensuring a positive clinic experience and increased revenue per patient.

Commercial Insurance Physician Dispensing Program

Our commercial insurance point of care dispensing program is available for clinics seeking to dispense at the point of care for private insurance patients. The viability of this program varies by state and clinic patient base with economic feasibility based on both  formulary fee schedule and reimbursement rates in the state in question.  Our web based dispensing and billing software enables clinics to dispense and bill oral medication, custom compounded topical creams and prepackaged injection kits at the point of care.

Types of Medication Physicians Dispense in-Office

Dispensing Physicians traditionally dispense oral medication at the point of care.  However, our system enables clinics to dispense other types of medications as well.  Our compounding kits when combined with our web based dispensing software enable Physicians to dispense and bill compounded topical creams in a clinic setting.  In addition, our system allows for dispensing of pre-packaged injection kits with billable NDC numbers for medical practices that do high volumes of procedures.  Both programs ensure positive ROI on all investment by empowering staff to perform adjudication of claims before procedures are performed .  You can learn more about these programs by following the links, or continue reading and learn how our dispensing company helps clinics take the next step in offering personalized care to their patient base.

A Turn-Key Solution for Physician Dispensing of Medication at the Point of Care

The Medicus RX Solutions Physician dispensing system represents a turn-key solution developed and implemented with the needs of the modern medical clinic in mind.  Whether you are interested in dispensing medication at the point of care to increase patient satisfaction and convenience, or simply seeking to increase per patient revenue; our dispensing system provides the state of the art technology and support necessary for positive results. If your clinic is interested in learning more about our point of care dispensing system, you can contact us here and a member of our sales and business development team with get back to you as soon as possible.

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