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In-office physician compounding is one of the oldest traditions in the practice of medicine and is enjoying a resurgence as medical professionals embrace personalized medicine as a new treatment philosophy.  As the custom compounding of topical creams has increasingly become a favored treatment option for Physicians seeking alternatives to oral analgesics, clinics have sought a system that would enable them to compound and dispense topical creams in an office setting.  Our  in-office Topical Med Kit system enables the private medical practice to prescribe, compound, dispense and bill custom made topical compound creams at the point of care.  Our proprietary web based software system combined with our best in class support provides medical professionals with a turn-key point of care system that improves the level of personalized care and increases per patient revenue, while giving Physicians and patients an in-office alternative to oral analgesics.

Physicians treating patients suffering from chronic and acute pain face considerable clinical challenges in finding effective treatments. Oral analgesics carry significant risks of adverse reaction and risk of addiction for a wide range of patients requiring pain treatment.Topical compound creams currently offer a viable alternative treatment modailty for patients who demonstrate adverse side effects when treated with oral analgesics. You can read more about the potential benefits of topical compound creams as a custom alternative treatment at the link, or continue reading and learn how Medicus RX Solutions can assist your clinic in offering a higher level of personalized medicine with our proprietary system for in-office compounding of topical creams for treating pain.

Physicians who currently prescribe compounded topical creams often do so through one of the many compounding pharmacies operating in the United States.  This delivery model poses several challenges including low fill rates and poor patient compliance due to lag times between prescription and delivery of medication.  Our turn-key solution offers physicians an opportunity to offer this increasingly popular pain treatment at the point of care. Dispensing custom compounded topical creams in-office provides a viable in-office alternative to oral analgesics while increasing physician control and providing a new revenue opportunity for the clinic.

Our in-office compounding solution provides private medical clinics with the billing technology, compounding kits, and training necessary to engage in physician custom compounding of topical creams in an office setting.  Continue reading and learn how the Medicus RX Solutions Topical Med Kit System provides a turn key in-office compounding solution for Physicians seeking a point of care alternative to oral analgesics or contact us here and a sales representative will contact you directly.

Staff Workflow for Diagnosing, Custom Compounding and Dispensing of Topical Creams In-Office

Physicians who desire an in-office compounding solution are often concerned about how adding the system will effect the workflow of their practice. Our turn-key system is designed to fit within the workflow of the modern medical clinic and empowers the Physician and staff to move efficiently from diagnoses,  through custom compounding and dispensing of creams, and forward through the billing process.  The following is a short outline of the staff workflow.

  1. Physician diagnoses the patient condition and prescribes custom topical compound cream appropriate for pain level.
  2. Clinic billing team authorizes patient insurance via proprietary Medicus RX software, receiving real time adjudication
  3. Dedicated staff member compounds topical cream in-office with Medicus RX pre-packaged kits and equipment. (2-5 minutes depending on the number of ingredients)
  4. Topical compound cream is dispensed at the point of care and insurance is billed directly.

Clinic Equipment Requirements for In-Office Physician Compounding and Dispensing of Topical Creams

The clinic equipment requirements for in-office physician compounding and dispensing of topical creams are surprisingly minimal.  Physicians may choose to expand their operation beyond these minimal equipment and space requirements and Medicus RX is well suited to help consult on these issues. These requirements may differ slightly by state and do not included the billing and adjudication software provided by Medicus RX Solutions or any licensing required by your state.  The basic space and equipment requirements are as follows.

  1. Clean dry surface for use as a mixing station
  2. Locked storage cabinet for storing pre-packaged topical med kits
  3. Non-sterile latex free gloves
  4. Ten Minutes from dedicated staff member MD, RN, APN, MA, or PA to serve as compounder/mixer
  5. State dispensing license where required

The Medicus RX Topical Med Kit Solution for Physician Compounding and Dispensing of Topical Creams

Our in-office solution for Physician compounding and dispensing of topical creams includes out Topical med Kits, Proprietary in-office dispensing and billing software and our best in class support for staff.  Our knowledgeable staff will walk your clinic through the credentialing process and train clinic staff in all aspects of the system.  When finished they will be able to process a patient from diagnosis and adjudication to compounding and dispensing within the normal flow of the practice.  The Topical Med Kit system from Medicus RX Solutions includes the following:

  1.  Proprietary web based software for real time adjudication of private insurance and workers compensation and Medicare claims,tracking, ordering and labeling
  2. Pre-packaged topical med kits (compounding kits) with medications pre-weighed for easy mixing according to custom formulary
  3. Equipment, training and support necessary for compounding process
  4. Support and guidance with insurance billing and compliance with regulation
  5. Licensing and credentialing support, guidance and implementation.

Topical Med Kits: Custom In-Office Compounding Solutions for Physicians Seeking Alternative Treatments

Our Topical med Kit solution provides the treating physician with all of the necessary software, materials, installation support and ongoing support and training necessary to prescribe, compound and dispense custom topical creams in-office.  We provide a complete in-office system including proprietary billing software, prepackaged topical med kits,  and staff training for a complete in-office compounding solution for medical clinics.  The combination provides a valuable clinical tool for physicians seeking an in-office compounding solution as an alternative to oral analgesics and traditional compounding through an outside pharmacy.

Our proprietary web based software enables staff to pre adjudicate each patients custom compound cream before dispensing.  The software will also directly bill workers compensation, private insurance and medicare claims for clinic reimbursement.  Clinics always have the option of utilizing their own billing system if they choose and our software makes tracking patients simple for billing and clinic staff.

Our complete solution enables Physicians to dispense topical creams that have been custom compounded in-office safely, efficiently and profitably.  Clinics that utilize out system report increased patient satisfaction, enhanced patient compliance and high rates of insurance reimbursement. If you are interested in hearing more about how our in-office Physician compounding solution helps clinics provide highly personalized medical care in today’s highly competitive environment you can contact us here and a member of our sales and business development team will contact you with details.

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