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Medicus RX Solutions provides Billable Injection Kits for clinics to dispense at the point of care. Physicians have been performing in-office Injections for pain and inflammation, inoculation against disease and other indications for decades.  Injections are a critical component of any clinicians tool kit with specialties such as primary care, orthopedics, and pain management relying heavily on this method of delivering medication directly to the damaged tissue.  Pain injections provide medical professionals an alternative short of surgery for pain patients requiring a more powerful treatment than oral analgesics.  They also serve as a viable alternative for patients who experience a variety of adverse effects associated with oral medications.  primary care Physicians use injections to administer a wide variety of medications to patients including inoculations for common diseases and even dietary supplements to increase wellness.   Physicians use our billable injection kits to perform a wide array of procedures including but not limited to: steroid injections, nerve block injections, trigger point injections, joint injections, facet joint injections and intra-articular joint injections.

The current market for delivering healthcare services presents a wide array of challenges for Doctors operating in a private practice.  As fee schedules and reimbursement rates continue to come under pressure, many private clinics are struggling to find strategies that meet the high standards they wish to deliver to patients while maintaining profitability.  We specialize in developing clinical tools that help Physicians provide personalized treatment plans that improve outcomes and increase per patient revenue on their existing patient base.  Our Billable Injection Kits with NDC numbers increase reimbursement rates on procedures performed with these pre packaged injection kits.  In addition since the kits come prepackaged and labeled they increase practice efficiency and give staff more time to spend on patient focused activities.  Continue reading and learn why our new line of injection kits are fast becoming a favorite tool for medical professionals seeking increased revenues on these procedures.  Or contact us here and a company representative will contact you to discuss how you can dispense and bill injection kits in your private clinic.

Physician Dispensing and Billing of Injection Kits

Medicus RX Solutions combines our proprietary web based dispensing software and pre-packaged injection kits with NDC numbers to provide an in-office solution for Physician dispensing and billing of injection kits.  Our dispensing and billing software provides a stable platform for real time pre-adjudication of all claims for patients who are candidates for a procedure performed with our injection kits.  The electronic authorization provides clinics with the ability to determine reimbursement rates on each injection prior to using them in a procedure ensuring a positive net revenue on each procedure.

The system gives clinics the ability to bill for injections over and above the normal CPT labor code since they are dispensing the injection kit out of the clinic.  The reimbursement rate on injection kits dispensed varies based on the AWP fee schedule for each injection kit  and the insurance coverage of the patient undergoing the procedure.  Since our injection kits come labeled with NDC numbers they are reimbursed for patients covered under workers compensation, commercial insurance, Tricare, and even Medicare.  Our billing and dispensing software ensures that all patients are pre-authorized before procedures are performed.  Physicians who are authorized to dispense medication at the point of care can take part in this program and you can find a list of state rules and regulation for Physician dispensing at the link.  Medicus RX Solutions will help walk you through the additional credentialing process necessary for dispensing and billing injection kits in-office.

Advantages to Dispensing Billable Injection Kits

The advantages to Physician dispensing and billing of injection kits include: increased clinic efficiency, increased per patient revenue, minimized risk of human error, reduction in contamination risk, and increased convenience.  Each injection kit comes pre-packaged and includes medication, one pair of sterile latex gloves, prep-pad with providone-lodone, sterile CRS wrap and an ampule of ammonia inhalant.  The only equipment not included necessary for performing a procedure are a needle and syringe.  Clinics that use our kits find that they increase the speed and efficiency of the clinic when performing procedures.  In addition each injection kit comes labeled with NDC numbers for easy billing and reimbursement with patients covered by workers compensation, private insurance, Tricare and Medicare.  Physicians who dispense out billable injection kits at the point of care report high levels of reimbursement and increased per patient revenue.

Clinic Reimbursement for Pre-Packaged Injection Kits

Clinic reimbursement for our pre-packaged injection kits is made simple for staff by combination of our web based billing and dispensing software and injection kits with NDC numbers.  All procedures performed with the kits our pre-authorized with pharmacy benefit managers by our web based software.  The software is user friendly and authorization is nearly instant making the process efficient for staff.  Clinic reimbursement for each injection kit is based on the AWP fee schedule in each state.  The amount authorized for each kit will vary depending on a host of variables including medication, location of the clinic and the coverage of the patient in question.

Dispensing Billable Injection Kits with Medicus RX Solutions

Medicus RX Solutions provides a turn key solution for Physicians seeking to dispense billable injection kits in-office.  As a company we have over ten years of experience providing turn-key dispensing solutions for clinics across the United States.  Our pre-packaged injection kits with NDC numbers combine seamlessly with our web based dispensing and billing software to provide an efficient revenue generating injection dispensing solution for clinics.  Our software provides a stable platform for instant pre-authorization for all potential patients for procedures with our kits ensuring a positive ROI on every procedure performed.  The Injection kits are reimbursed based on the AWP fee schedule in each state and are accepted by workers compensation, Tricare, provate insurance and Medicare.  Although reimbursement varies by coverage and injection received on average clinics can expect in the range of $300 profit on each kit over and above the normal CPT labor code billed.

Medicus RX Solutions has years of experience guiding clinics through the process of becoming licensed and credentialed to engage in Physician dispensing of medication.  In order for clinics to dispense injection kits at the point of care Physicians must follow all rules and regulations regarding medication dispensing in the state they operate in.  You can find more information on the state rules and regulations regarding Physician dispensing that apply to your clinic at the link.  In addition to Physician dispensing if injection kits we provide the materials and support necessary for in-office Physician compounding of topical creams and dispensing of oral medication.  You can learn more about these programs at the links provided, or contact us here and a company representative will reach out to you and answer any questions you have.

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