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Medicus RX Solutions provides a wide array of in office solutions for Physicians seeking to produce personalized and high quality medical treatment at the point of care. We work tirelessly to develop clinical tools and products that assist healthcare professionals in their efforts to enhance the quality of care for patients, advance medical science, increase practice efficiency and potentially increase clinic revenue or reduce overhead.

Independent medical clinics are currently facing increased economic pressure due to decreasing reimbursement rates, increased operating and compliance costs and an aging patient population. We specialize in leveraging the latest technology in order to provide turn-key clinical tools for physicians choosing to provide highly personalized treatment plans for patients.

Our valuable suite of clinical tools were developed with the challenges of the modern medical practice in mind. Whether your clinic is interested in deploying our physician dispensing program, our in-office tests or using our Topical Med-Kits to compound creams in-office; Our state of the art point of care solutions are designed to minimize staff workload and paperwork while increasing per patient revenue. You can contact us here for additional information or continue reading and learn how Medicus RX Solutions can assist your clinic in taking the next step in personalized medicine.

Challenges Facing the Private Medical practice

Physicians in private practice face a wide array of daunting challenges in operating a private medical practice in the current economic and regulatory environment. The current state of the healthcare industry, broader economy and recent changes in public policy are creating significant financial pressures for Physicians who operate a private medical practice.

A 2013 CNN report notes the recent spike in bankruptcy filings by independent doctors succumbing to the dual pressures of decreasing revenue per patient and increasing costs. Although smaller family practice clinics have been experiencing the majority of bankruptcy filings, specialists have been feeling the financial crunch as well according to an American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) long term study on reimbursement rates in 2012 that found this trend especially pronounced among orthopedic specialists.

As reimbursement rates continue to decrease in conjunction with increases in both regulatory and labor costs, Physicians are looking for ways to improve patient outcomes, increase the personalized nature of in-office care and increase clinic efficiency. Our in-office clinical tools increase the private physicians ability to provide personalized care while increasing clinic efficiency and per patient revenue.

Medicus RX in-office solutions Increase per patient revenue while controlling clinic operating costs

All of our products are designed and implemented with the independent Physician in mind. Our suite of products give medical professionals the additional clinical tools necessary to provide highly customized treatment at the point of care. Our current suite of products include the following:

Our suite of options were designed to respond to the quickly evolving challenges of the modern healthcare environment. We offer superior technology and best in class support for physicians seeking to provide state of the art personalized treatment plans for their patient base. If you are interested in hearing more about how Medicus RX Solutions can assist your medical clinic with one of our clinical tools, you can fill out a contact form here and a member of our sales and business development team will get back to you.

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